Paramore releases new single “Hard Times”

It’s been four years since Paramore released their previous self-titled album, but they have finally brought something new to the table, a single called, “Hard Times”. Billboard has described it as an addictive, Talking Heads-inspired jam.

The song has already had well over a million plays on Spotify since it released on April 19, along with a music video that has over 5 million views on YouTube. The music video pairs well with the song, and displays a kitsch, early 80’s vibe.

Lead singer, Hayley Williams shared with The New York Times, that “Hard Times” is about her experience with depression in 2016 due to personal issues, changes within the band, as well as confronting adulthood.

She told The New York Times, “You can run on the fumes of being a teenager for as long as you want, but eventually life hits you real hard.”

Williams even joked about it with a fan over twitter. She tweeted a photo of herself wearing a backpack on the set of the music video. The fan responded to the photo asking what was in the backpack, and Williams responded with this tweet:

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 12.04.21 AM.png

On May 12, the band will introduce their new album “After Laughter,” and their new synth-rhythmic sound.

Check out the music video for “Hard Times”


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